Boston Family Dentist

Boston Family Dentist

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Dental Care for All Ages in Boston

At Dental Arts of Boston our Boston family dentist is caring and available at any time of day to answer questions and to help educate you and your family on the importance of proper oral hygiene. We teach kids how to keep their teeth clean and healthy, and to prevent future cavities and tooth decay using the right brushing and flossing methods.

Our Boston family dentist often fills cavities that children get due to tooth decay, and also performs dental cleanings and fillings. Childhood cavities are common because kids’ developing teeth are susceptible to tooth decay that comes from sugars and from improper brushing. Brushing and flossing must be done daily. An annual dental cleaning can help prevent cavities. We also use sealants, which are painted as a barrier over the back teeth to ward off cavities. Cavities happen due to tooth decay. Fillings help to fill up the hole a cavity can create and keep it from progressing with materials such as ceramic. Ceramic is one material used for fillings and works great in areas that are visible to others, such as the front teeth. Cosmetic fillings are aesthetically a good choice for a dental filling due to their ability to blend in with other teeth.

At Dental Arts of Boston, our offices are relaxing and friendly. Parents can be assured that they’re always getting the latest in dental technology and tests using our state of the art equipment. Feel free to schedule your first appointment online or to call us to request one. Dr. Stevens has been serving the area and its metro neighborhoods for many years, practicing cosmetic, restorative and general dentistry. Our implant care services can give patients a new tooth again so that they can chew better and have a full set of teeth again.

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