Boston root canal

Boston Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Boston

Boston root canal
Boston root canal

Root canal therapy might not be up there with a day at the beach, but with the benefit of technology, we at Dental Arts of Boston can assure you that it will be a mostly pleasant experience. In fact, most patients say that there was little to no discomfort during the procedure.

Our Boston root canal is responsible for relieving pain you’re in, not causing any. Your tooth becomes infected in the pulp, which is inside, at the base, right next to the nerve. The result is typically pain, and that pain can be quite severe. You will probably also notice sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. Sometimes, gum tenderness and/or tooth discoloration occur, too. Why does the infection occur in the first place? It is usually due to a cavity, loose or lost filling, or a chipped or cracked tooth. The protective layers of your tooth have become breached, letting bacteria inside. Our Boston root canal will save your tooth. Without it, the only treatment possible would be to extract the tooth, subjecting you to oral surgery and the time and expense to replace that tooth. Root canal therapy is non-surgical. The point is to remove the injured pulp and nerve, clean and disinfect the canal or canals, and then seal those canals to make future infections less likely. The process may take more than one session, especially if the tooth has multiple canals. If so, you will be fitted with a temporary crown to protect the tooth until you come back. That same temporary crown is put on at the conclusion of the procedure. Once the tooth fully heals, you can get a permanent one.

Depend on our Boston root canal to repair the damage to your inner tooth and restore it to full function and viability. Contact our office right away to schedule a prompt appointment.

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