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Dental Clinic in South End

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Dental Implants in South End

There are different reasons why teeth may be lost or removed, but it’s important that you discuss replacing a lost teeth your dentist regardless of the situation. Living with an incomplete small can lead to a number of additional dental problems and dental trauma as well. To prevent these things from happening, you can consider options like dental implants. For more information about candidacy qualifications and eligibility, you can visit our dental clinic in South End, Dental Arts of Boston.

Bridges and dentures are other options that many people choose, but dental implants are becoming increasingly popular because they look and feel more like real teeth. However, dental implants do you require major surgery, so not everyone is eligible to undergo the procedure. Additionally, certain individuals may simply not want to go undergo any kind of surgery at all. Discussing options like dental implants with your local dentist can help you explore The possibilities open to you when it comes to restoring your smile and your dental health. Dental implants look and feel more like real teeth because they are implanted into the bone like natural teeth are. This is also where the surgery comes in. It’s important that your jaw is capable of supporting these implants because the implant roots will actually meld with the bone itself in a completely biological process known as osseointegration. People who may not be able to support implants at first may also undergo bone grafting procedures and other surgeries before hand. We can tell you more here in our dental clinic in South End, Dental Arts of Boston.

Our dental specialists can outline the entire procedure for you, letting you know about all of its ins and outs. Plus we can provide you with an examination that will determine whether you are in eligible candidate as well. Are you have to do is call our dental clinic in South End, and book an appointment with one of her dentist here at Dental Arts of Boston.

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