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Sleep dentistry in South End

What reasons do you have for avoiding coming for your necessary dental care? It may be because you have nervousness that you cannot control. And if so, you should know that you are not alone. There is no reason to feel self-conscious about it, either. At Dental Arts of Boston, we understand that it’s not a feeling you can just overcome with will power. You may also be fidgety and unable to stay still in the dental chair. Or perhaps you simply don’t want to remain awake because you are scheduled to have several teeth worked on at once. In all the above situations, our South End sleep dentistry is the solution.

Sedation gives you the benefit of being able to cruise through your dental appointment, without the anxiety and fear or other negative repercussions that you would otherwise have to deal with. For example, if you are having oral surgery for the placement of dental implants, that would be a typical opportunity to take advantage of our South End sleep dentistry. However, you are not limited in any way by the circumstances where you can make use of it. You might want to have sedation for any number of procedures or treatments. In fact, some patients have an unusually strong gag reflex and therefore request our South End sleep dentistry for having x-rays done. Discuss your needs and preferences with our dentist so that we can be certain to meet them to the degree that will keep you feeling comfortable and fully at ease. We can assure you that sedation is done here with the expertise and experience that you expect from us.

Don’t ever let any dentist tell you to just “get over it” when you are nervous about your treatment or surgery. Call our office to make an appointment. You can be 100% confident that with sleep dentistry administered here, you will have a smooth experience.

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